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Thread: PS3 4.21 jailbreaking help?

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    ME3ALL Guest

    PS3 4.21 jailbreaking help?

    I am a noob at jailbreaking ps3 can someone help me please?

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    You will have to be a lot more specific than that to get help really, for starters list your PS3 model information and so on.

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    microking Guest
    If you wish you can also have a look at the following section:

    It has an extensive array of threads that will help you in a vast amount of fields.

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    ME3ALL Guest
    All i know that it is a ps3 phat 40gb

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    microking Guest
    That's a start

    Now take a look at the back of the PlayStation and you will see the serial number. Post the first 5 letters.

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    ME3ALL Guest
    It's Cf204.

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    microking Guest
    Okay... Lets know your Firmware version to know if you CAN jailbreak or not.

    Go to settings, second from the left, then go down about half way and choose system settings, and then go all the way down and choose system information.

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    ME3ALL Guest
    It is 4.21 and it is in Demo mode.

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    microking Guest
    Alright I presume you cannot access the PS store at the moment as you are on Demo mode. To fix that use a really simple fix:

    Make a folder on the root of your flash drive called PS3. Than make folder inside of PS3 called UPDATE. Now inside update put my PS3UPDATE.PUP. Than put your ps3 in recovery mode. To do that hold the power button till your ps3 turns off, Than hold the power button till you hear 3 beeps and it will automatically turn off.

    Than hold it again and let go after the third beep this time and it will be in recovery ! Your controller will need to be plugged in via USB cable. Choose update from flash drive and after the update applies you will be running firmware 4.21 with full access to PlayStation store etc. THIS IS NOT A JAILBREAK !!!

    I did not write this .pup file I am merely passing it on so credit goes to the original creator.

    Now in regards to Jailbreaking you won't be able to do that unless you get it downgraded. You can either get it done yourself(tricky) or you can get one of the kind members on this very forum to do it depending on where you live.



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    ME3ALL Guest
    okay i will try and downgrade it myself that is if i don't mess up and thank you.

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