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    Aug 2012

    PS3 4.21 jailbreak help?

    Hey all, I am a noob to ps3 jb. I am currently on a FAT PS3 model running 4.21. I thought I successfully jb but i am stuck in "demo mode". I have the install packages choice but I dont know what my next step should be. do i need to get a download manager?

    1) Is there a working jb for the 4.21 version?

    2) do I need to downgrade? if so, how?

    thank you in advance for any help!

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    Jun 2009
    first of all, jailbreak is only available for firmware 3.55 only. Having your console in 4.21 needs a flasher.

    Although, I don't know if E3 supports downgrading demo/kiosk firmware try researching it.

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    Sep 2010
    the e3 only works on consoles with nor chips, all slim consoles have nor some early fat consoles were nand. so you will have to check if your console has a nand you will need a progskeet not a e3.

    my advice would be to convert back to retail firmware while you can and STOP INSTALLING JAILBREAK FIRMWARES! like the guy above said only 3.55 or below are jailbreakable.

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    Jan 2009

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    If you need to have your ps3 3.55 hit me up I can do that for reasonable price and also will install blue, green or red LED's like this one below

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    Aug 2012
    thank you for the insight. yeah that sounds a bit easier than bricking my ps3... so i can get some more info from you.


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