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Thread: PS3 4.21 downgrade help?

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    ME3ALL Guest

    PS3 4.21 downgrade help?

    How do I downgrade my ps3 from 4.21 to 3.55?

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    Get a hardware flasher is step one. The easiest for noobs is the e3. Once you get the hardware flasher, and a factory service mode device, then you can follow anyone of the tuts pertaining to the flasher you get.

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    ME3ALL Guest
    low on cash and don't know what e3 flasher is

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    You may want to check some of the related articles on it, scroll down here:

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    The e3 is a hardware flasher, that offers a solder less solution. Other hardware flashers offer this as well, but it is a bit less complicated. If you get the needed equipment for downgraded as stated before, then people will help you downgrade. Without it there is nothing that can be done. Thanks

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    If you are lucky, you may be close to someone who provide downgrade service for a minimal fee. I think there are a few of them if you are in the US. They charge only a fraction of the cost compared to buying the devices needed to downgrade. I saw someone on eBay charging $50 and he has a pretty good rating there. I would have bought his service if he is in Canada. I am in the same boat as you, except that I am on 4.20 OFW. I'm still looking for someone who can help me out.

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