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Thread: PS3 4.21 Console ID offsets help?

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    PS3 4.21 Console ID offsets help?

    Could someone share with me a 3.55kmeaw LV1 dump (Use rebug toolbox) or a 4.21 rebug LV1 dump (Also use rebug toolbox), my aim is to find the propper console ID / PSID offsets.

    Console ID (16 bytes)
    PSID (16 bytes)

    If you wish to check your dump for the offsets yourself to post results here is what I have currently found.

    (Rebug 4.21 offsets):

    Console ID Offset:

    //00064b00 (00064b001 - PSID)


    0002F070 - Console ID
    0003F080 - PSID
    000303D0 - Console ID
    000303E0 - PSID
    0003F040 - MAC

    (NORBIN offsets)

    Should = unbanned.

    In relation to sharing the dumps, feel free to FILL personal info with "X",s before sharing? I only need offsets.

    Let me know how it goes!


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    For clarity, although I don't want it patched as of yet feel like I may as well update with this:

    It is my opinion that PSN issues bans via Console ID, using a white list policy, (8002a227 = console ID ban code), if you use an invalid console ID = 8002a224. I have further tests to do before I say for definite but I believe the PSID is some sort of hash used to check if the correct console ID has been used? (Any devs feel free to correct me) The PSID can be located in LV1 + LV2 (Stoker25's PSID).
    I believe however there is an alternative PSID located only in the LV1 (00064b10).

    I still require some norbin or lv1 and lv2 dumps before I can properly determine a unban or 'masking' method.

    P.S: Do not patch MAC in norbin as it may brick console as it may be integrated with some syscalls(?) (Props to Euss for the info).

    However in Rebug 4.21 the only actual offset needing patching should be : //00064b00 (LV1) -- If my hypothesis is correct, I don't have a unbanned console ID to work with, and as such will not be creating an program for this as i MAY be wrong.

    This is the console ID, if patched with a GENUINE console ID one should be able to access PSN again.

    As far as i'm aware there isn't a way to perma patch this without a flasher so the offset would need to be poked every time the ps3 starts up.


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    rodq Guest
    You need more hardware and software than you can imagine. This is just a "scratch" of what you need to "unban". The rest it's best to be kept away from "scene".

    <General information>
    [Console Serial Number]+[Main circuit board ID]+[BD Drive]+[WLAN board (MAC address)] are bound each other in Server.

    - where Server is not available.

    There are a few undocumented syscalls that you need to figure out how and when to use them.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Successfully unbanned a PS3, just spoof console ID with a genuine one.


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    Can you please tell me how you did it? My ps3 has a ban, and i want to play on psn haha So what steps did you take? i am on rebug 4.21.

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