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Thread: PS3 on 4.11 is this Jailbroken help?

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    dnetplayer Guest

    PS3 on 4.11 is this Jailbroken help?

    Heres the thing... I got two PS3 Slim, the first one was CECH3001 and found out that there is no Jailbreak for it yet

    So I bought another unit, a used one which can be Jailbroken which has these:

    1. Checked system information and it says - Version 4.11
    2. On the Game menu which shows, Gaia Manager and Multiman
    3. CECH2001A
    4. Loaded with three playable games (Fight Night Champion, MotoGP, NBA Street) thru Gaia Manager
    5. It also comes with a Game disc Starwars Clone (does not play the 3 games above if ejected)

    My question is:

    1. Is my second unit Jailbroken? if yes, on what CFW?
    2. Is a spoofer used on it? if yes can I remove it?
    3. How can I install CFW Rogero 4.31 on it?

    I would highly appreciate your help guys, I have been searching for a day for an answer

    Thanks in advance.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Yes if your second one has Gaia Manager and multiMAN and the 3 loaded games work, this means you are on some 3.55 CFW spoofed to 4.11 (probably kmeaw if you don't see Rogero or Rebug on the boot screen).

    No need to remove the spoofer, just enable QA (or check if it's enabled), update multiMAN to the latest version, make a NOR/Nand dump using multiMAN, remove any original game disk from the drive and install Rebug 4.30.1 from XMB (or Rogero 4.30 v2.05, but I recommend Rebug)

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