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    F1R3WALL Guest

    PS3 + 3D Blu-ray help?

    Hi guys,

    Is there any way of playing 3D blu ray ISOs off the PS3, or stream them?

    I currently stream mkvs over ps3 media server, but want to use 3D blu rays.

    Thank you

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    soldier Guest
    no. i don't know of anything that does this.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    think you'll have to rip the movie into a media file not an iso.

    some details are here: http://www.ameic.net/blog/archives/22

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    F1R3WALL Guest
    Unfortunately that doesn't help because that's about joining left & right streams, I have full iso rips

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    barrybarryk Guest
    ok... you still need to convert your movie to a media file, just rip it as a mkv then you'll get the 2 files for left and right eye then follow the guide.

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