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    Big Grin PS3 3004b on OFW 4.46 help?

    HI i know you guys get this a lot and I'm sorry to be a pain and all but here goes nothing

    i have a ps3 with the code 3004b running on official firmware 4.46 what should i do so i can save games on my internal hard disk and play them of the hard disk without the cd ?

    just because i want to take care of my OFFICIAL store bought CD's do i have to downgrade to a cfw or can i run multiman directly of my OFW ? i don't play online so that wont be a problem for me.

    it would be great if some one can tell me where to start. all is appreciated

    thanks you so much in advanced

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    Do i have a 3K ps3 ? I Read all of that i just cant understand i was hoping i can get an answer believe you me i read a lot i did my homework ! Im not a novice user i unlocked my iphone, my samsung s III and my PSP but i really cant understand anything when it comes to ps3 !

    just tell me if i can downgrade my ps3 is it downgradable or not so i can look further into it or just give up

    here are the links i looked at most of them did NOT make sense to me


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    you need to look at the sticker on the back where it says model to see what model you have.

    i believe 3k cant be downgraded but I haven't been into jb for year or 2 now so not 100% on that.

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    It is not downgradeable by hardware flasher.

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