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Thread: PS3 3 beeps eject problem help?

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    ivanshinoda Guest

    Confused PS3 3 beeps eject problem help?

    Hello, I have a ps3 cechl01, firmware 4.0, everything works except that i can't eject discs with the eject button, when i try to eject it beeps 3 times, the only way to take disc out is via xmb, also here is a video that i take:

    Hope somebody can help me.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Do you get a blue light showing when the disc is in?

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    ivanshinoda Guest
    Sometimes, but always read discs, in the video i post, it wasn't showing blue light, but read discs

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    barrybarryk Guest
    If the blue light isn't showing at least part of the drive mech isn't aware there is a disc in the drive. Get that sorted and the eject problem will sort itself

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    ivanshinoda Guest
    Hi, the blue light its working right now, but the same... no disc ejected, i try to clean the ribbon cables but nothing...

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    on the drive itself, under the buffers, there 2 switchs. one is to tell the ps3 that the laser can focus/read then spin, the other lets the mech know that the drive has a disc installed, may be worth checking to see if the buffers are making contact with the first switch.

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