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Thread: PS3 3.72 Firmware Downgrading help?

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    soluix Guest

    PS3 3.72 Firmware Downgrading help?

    So from what I'm hearing I need the 3.55 update to install a CFW. But the one I have here is 3.72. If I can (which I'm pretty sure you can) downgrade how do I do it? It's a fat 3 (or 4) year old PS3. So how should I do this or does it even need to be?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can use a flasher (mod-chip) such as the E3 flasher or Progskeet to downgrade your PS3. But the procedure is very hard and some require your to solder it to your PS3. If you want more information on something just ask and me (or someone else) will supply you with the knowledge you want.

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    maaz1 Guest
    you can buy progskeet solderless when it's available (or it's already available), that's the best in my opinion.

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    soluix Guest
    Is there any other less complicated way? I mean soldering isn't much of a problem for me but i want to know if there is another.

    Judging from the replies I'm getting I guess I'm forced to pay some cash... darn.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    No there is no other way unfortunately, but I would wait for a while in case something new (like a new 3.73 CFW) happens to arrive.

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    soluix Guest
    You just gave me hope ^^. I guess i should wait.

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