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Thread: Ps3 3.56 v1 OFW Recovery Menu?

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    edsongbjunior Guest

    Exclamation Ps3 3.56 v1 OFW Recovery Menu?

    Hi guys,

    I need to go into recovery menu in my 120gb Slim to do a firmware restore on my system, but i am trying since yesterday and never get's to the recovery menu. My FW is 3.56 v1, and i've accidentally formated my original HDD when i swapping it to a bigger 500gb.

    I really need to get to recovery menu, but the system aways turns off, even when i hear the 2 bips and put my finger off the button.
    Anyone can help me to solve this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I know there are many, but a quick search shows one post here that details how to get into the recovery menu that may help:

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    edsongbjunior Guest
    And if my ps3 simply doesn't get to Recovery Menu? It means that it's totally bricked?

    I said it 'cause today i've tried on a friend's 3.55 slim ps3 to get the recovery menu, and have success at the first time.
    Thank you for the help.

    And if i disassemble my ps3 and remove the battery for 10mins then put it back, it will reset the Ps3 "BIOS" or something? it can be helpful?

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    Ni72ous Guest
    PS3 is not like a pc, you can't reset it like you would a reset a pc by removing the bios battery, the only fix for you problem is to send it to sony to fix it.

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    severusx Guest
    If you are indeed on 3.56 v1 and you formatted your original drive then you have no choice but to send the PS3 to Sony for repair. The only way to upgrade a HD on 3.56 v1 is to first update to 3.56 (Fixed) and then swap the drive. It's not totally bricked, you just can't fix it yourself. Contact Sony support for a repair. The 3.56 v1 issue was a bug on their part, so the repair should be free.

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    daveshooter Guest
    yes it will reset the bios settings which is the same as resetting your ps3 within the xmb, but not the CMOS values I believe that needs changing unfortunately.

    As severusx said you have to send it back. Or hope that someone finds the 3.56 Lv2diag.self, so you could jailbreak it then and get back out of service mode again unlike you can on 3.56.

    I had the same thing on a 3.55 and used the E3 reader to re-flash CMOS with no hard drive fitted due to being locked because I messed up the drive and corrupted the drive table.

    You have the same fault, your pup can not unpack for install because the temp folder it uses for its swap is locked, not there, or corrupted because of SONY rushing things. Sit tight or send back because jailbreaking is the only way.,

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    barrybarryk Guest
    all removing the battery will do is reset the clock, it'll have to go back to Sony as everyone else says.

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