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Thread: PS3 3.56 v1 to cfw help?

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    denunes Guest

    Question PS3 3.56 v1 to cfw help?


    i have now a slim ps3 cech-2004a 120gb. it has 3.56v1 and i have run the version check on it and the minimum is 2.70.
    so, can i forward install the JFW MA 3.56 on it? or install via recovery? is there any risk?

    thanks in advance!

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    technodon Guest
    as far as i know JFW 3.56 doesnt actually install on 3.56 you need to downgrade to 3.55, so you would need a e3 flasher or a progskeet. if the 3.56 pkg private keys are on wiki then it would be possible to install a 3.56 custom firmware but don't know..

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Sorry you have to downgrade via HW.

    "3. Watch the PS3 version you have installed the JFW Before Dh 3.56 MA, must have 3.55 or 3.41." Quote Demon Hades.

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    denunes Guest
    thanks technodon and GotNoUsername. i will get a flasher to downgrade it...

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