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    Question PS3 3.56 updated after i received my dongle help?

    HEY, like an idiot i was waiting for my PS3 Dongle from BREAK PS3 to get here. So in the meantime i accidentally updated to 3.56. So basically i'm screwed. so i got a backup hard drive. Format it in Fat32. Downloaded 3.41 update from your site to a usb drive.

    i tried to update on that back up hard drive. it kept giving me a Error (8002F255). so downloaded i 3.55, 3.50 from your site and installed on flash drive and still gives me a error code. Do you think the 3.56 update has something to do with this issue.

    Even if the hard drive is different. i was wondering with all this great info your site have, do i have a chance to ever get my new dongle to work. Thanks for your time and patience.

    P.S. it had no problem updating back to 3.56 from the the flash drive. How Bizarre.

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    You can only downgrade from 3.55. And once you update, you can only restore the firmware revision you are currently using. Otherwise there would not be a need for downgrade dongles...

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    I am not sure about version 3.56, but I to received the error code and many many moons later I figured out I had to do my upgrades in SAFE MODE on the Ps3. Not the recovery mode option from the XMB, but the power button code red screen. I do not know about with 3.56 but, this method works for any other system.

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    There is currently no way to downgrade from 3.56 and if you attempt it and go into service mode you will get stuck there.. wait a few more days and i'm sure a downgrade method will appear but until then just leave it.

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    Thank You

    Thanks guys for you kindness and effort. I will wait for a downgrade. I'm shocked how fast and how many you all reply. what a great community. Thanks and God bless.

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