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Thread: PS3 in 3.56 service mode help?

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    aanaskhan2003 Guest

    Question PS3 in 3.56 service mode help?

    my ps3 is stuck in service mode 3.56. what will happen if i update it to the new 4.21 custom firmware directly from the service mode. Any suggestion except hardware flashing?

    And i cant play games from the original ps3 discs as well. GTA 4 gets stuck at the rockstar icon. what to do??

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    Foo Guest
    I suggest your try and go back to 3.55 as updating to a Custom Firmware that is 3.55 encrypted will probably have the same result.

    Remember, the chances of bricking are extremely high so you do not have to listen to me nor am I responsible. 3.56 is highly unstable and you stuck either way.

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    AverageGamer Guest
    Once you enter Factory Service Mode in any FW above 3.55 you are stuck there. No one has figured out a way to get out of it, not since i last heard neways... Time for you to invest in a new PSthree... 4.21/4.25/4.30 CFW is Great by the way ! See you when you get there !

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    aanaskhan2003 Guest

    feel really sad about my ps3!

    will wait for ps4 now

    but i'm sure there will be a way to get out of service mode or maybe we cud play games in service mode

    Only time can tell. So lets hope for the best!

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    BluRay Guest
    Can't you just re-flash the 3.55 dump? In that case you would need a hardware flasher such as Progskeet or E3. Haven't tested this, but a flasher is cheaper then a new PS3, so It might be worth It. I'll search and see if anyone has tried this.

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