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Thread: ps3 3.56 rsod ofw help?

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    boarder1042 Guest
    yes ive tried putting it into service mode but it just turns off after 15 seconds.

    I reformatted the hard drive in another ps3 (cechk01) and put it back into the rsod one. It still turns off after 15 seconds when i boot it up but its actually responding to service mode and the LV2Diag.self file.

    It acts like its installing the firmware. black screen and flashing lights on both the ps3 and the external, but when i turn it back on, no recovery mode and i get the rsod.

    I was able to install the modified 3.41 pup and then the official 3.15 but when i try to go back up to 3.41ofw the green light on the ps3 just blinks. Either way whatever firmware i throw at it I see the rsod on all of them.

    I figured if i got back to 3.41 i could update to 3.55 and get into recovery mode. I dunno hopes and dreams.

    I dont really care if i get cfw or ofw on this ps3. I just want to get it working again. Is there a snowball's chance in hell that i can install 3.56+ without it being stuck in service mode? (I cant access recovery menu at all at this point)

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    boarder1042 Guest
    UPDATE!!! i fixed it!

    Here's what i did. (i think this will only work on the fat ps3 the slim rebuild the database when it formats)

    Format the hdd in another fat ps3
    Put the ps3 in service mode
    downgrade to modified 3.41
    downgrade to official 3.15
    access recovery menu
    install ofw 3.55
    install cfw 3.55 in recovery menu

    Thanks guys for all your help. I really hope this helps someone else in the future!

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