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    PS3 3.56 not recognizing Fat32 help?

    When my PS3 was on 3.50 firmware it had no problem connect my external 1TB hard drive but now it has 3.56 and it will read small flash drives, but won't even read or show my 1TB external hard drive formatted to fat32.

    Is this caused by the update or what? please help!

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    I have not had the chance to fully test one of my PS3's with 3.56 ofw, apart from, a 16 gig flash drive, that works in any of 4 ports and so dose a ipod. I've not tried a drive yet, nor SD cards but seeing as you posted prompted me to try and see if it dose work. But I won't be until much later. So hopefully someone may help you sooner.

    One thing, and I'm guessing here, but seeing you upgraded to 3.56, So you will be using PSN then ?, and if so, have you signed in to PSN since your upgrade? going along the lines Sony being nosy and having a hardware change system included in the new firmware, like Microsoft did with windows, every time you changed hardware. Just a thought.

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    Yes I upgraded because i had trouble to by pass the update and wanted to play online with my new PS3 but after the update I just couldn't use my hard drive anymore for some reason.

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    I have a 640GB that works fine with 3.56.

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    I have tested all card slots, and used a 750gig ex drive, and all worked, still may not help you tho, seeing myself and above have not tested with a TB drive.

    I know it worked before on 3.50, you may say why do you have to change things, but because its not working You could try partition the drive into smaller sizes, say a 750 and a 250 or if you want to save data, then try resizing the drive in Linux. But I would recommend using a disk tool to defrag it 1st within windows or something. I use Perfect-Disk, very good.

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    Try partioning the drive into 2, 500 gigabyte partions and seeing if that will help you out...

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    I found this over at Avforums, so credit goess to Markee over there.

    As has been stated on various posts, there HAS been a new version of 3.56 released to fix the replace HDD problem. If you are being blocked from replacing your hard drive, this is what you need to do.

    Firstly, you cannot just download the new version 3.56 and install it after putting in your new HDD, it wont work! You WILL get the data corrupt error.

    Secondly, you will need the old HDD you removed from your PS3, still intact with your PS3 files on it - if you have formatted it for use elsewhere, sorry, you are buggered until Sony release a proper fix!

    1. Put your old HDD back in your PS3.
    2. Switch on and login to your user profile.
    3. Go to system settings and install system update (I just used the version I had copied to my USB stick, this effectively updates the firmware from 3.56 to 3.56 fixed).
    4. Once the update has been installed, and your PS3 has restarted, power down and remove the old hard drive.
    5. Install your new drive, and when the PS3 checks the update file on the USB stick VOILA! it works!

    You can now follow the process on page 1 of the how to upgrade your HDD thread.

    Oh yeah, not impressed with Sony for their lack of care for customers, lack of communication and tardiness in fixing this problem!

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    That fix for 3.56 was related to replacing the internal HD though, so I'm not sure its a related problem but who knows with Sony's rushed buggy firmware updates.

    My recommendation would be to back it up and try to reformat it using SwissKnife or a similar FAT32 partitioning tool. You may also want to do as suggested above and split it into 2 partitions. Out of curiosity, what do you have on it that you are trying to read on the PS3?

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    The trouble with myself sometimes is I read a post, then have a scan around seeing if I can help, but then I get distracted and sidetracked sometimes, and post about what was not asked. That's twice in the last week, maybe I need to drag myself away form here and get some sleep.

    I even sent a visitors message to myself the other day, what a tool I am. Dyslexia rules ko.

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