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    [UnAnswered] PS3 3.56 hdd problem help?

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    I have 2 ps3s i was trying to fix my 3.41 that was in service mode at the time and so i decided to and pulled out my hdd of my 3.56 and put it into my 3.41. well didn't do anything, but now when i put it back on 3.56 i get this reinstall / error and i put 3.56 from sonys site as if today the download and install it and i get the same screen

    i originally i had the latest firmware even the v2 cause i remember going to update online and it said i had latest.

    before this happened i didn't do any formating or anything. I need help getting this fixed i tried the download and to reinstall the 3.56 from there site and it just shows the same page.

    i got 3.41 ps3 that works tho i was wondering if some how i can swap the hdds, or something like that to get this one working / both working even if i gotta swap hdds between them.. please help! this is insane.

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    Have you tried doing a re-install via the service mode on the 3.56? Or reformatting the drive?

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    service mode? I thought you can't do service mode on 3.56?

    and or if you do u get stuck on it?

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    i guess he means recovery menu.

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    Yeah i'm guessing recovery menu.. Also Format your 3.56 HDD to fat32 or something, and then put back into the ps3 and then see if it re-installs

    You need to make sure its 3.56 v2 to as well. Or you will sadly be on the "HUGE" list of people stuck with the HDD problem...

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    Yeah I meant recovery menu. My bad.


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