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Thread: PS3 3.56 Firmware won't update on cechL01 help?

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    ruscully1 Guest

    PS3 3.56 Firmware won't update on cechL01 help?

    My PS3 3.56 Firmware won't update on cechL01.. Is it a mismatched HDD ?

    I have tried 2 different oem? hdds. is there a way to image a 3.56 or higher f/w on an hdd?

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    Dizzny Guest
    Alright you will need to provide a little more info. Let me get this straight: You have a CECHL01 sitting on 3.56 and are trying update to 4.11? if that is correct than the hard drive has nothing to do with it. If this is a NOR machine (correct me if Im wrong guys) than part of the firmware is stored on the hard drive and it will be wiped during the update process. Does it show up an error during the process, and how are you trying to update your ps3?

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    technodon Guest
    you need to explain in a little more detail, does the console actually boot into the xmb or do you just get a black screen which says connect controller. this is pure speculation but if your on 3.56 and your trying to install demon hades 3.56CFW it won't work you have to install it on 3.55

    also download 4.11 from sonys official website and try a different usb. if you are still getting corrupt data error you need a e3 flasher or progskeet device to reflash console nor chip if you have nand you will need to solder.

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