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Thread: PS3 3.56 failed downgrade, possible to fix with E3?

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    gmrhollic Guest

    Confused PS3 3.56 failed downgrade, possible to fix with E3?

    I did read the tutorial and forum post but decided to proceed with downgrade PS3 Slim 3.56 anyways cause everyone else is wrong and I am right. It was the exact opposite I shoulda listened, now my ps3 will not stay on.

    It will turn on and then 30 seconds late will turn it self off, the funny thing is there is no blinking light what so ever. So my question is, if say I were to get an E3 flasher will I be able to reflash the nand if it is a corrupted nand?

    Thanks for all your input.

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    k9inpoop Guest
    just so you know the slims have NOR not NAND flash.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well I can't really answer you question, but the best people to ask are the people who made the E3:

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    elser1 Guest
    is it still under warranty? has it ever had cfw on it? if all else fails .. EBAY.. LOL

    someone out there wants it really badly!

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    gmrhollic Guest
    Thanks for all your response. The PS3 had 3.56 OFW was never jailbroken until I tried to downgrade, now its just broken LOL!!! I contacted E3 I hope to hear from them soon, depending if they say I can re-flash, I will make a purchase of their card. I will keep you guys update. Oh and if anyone experience this before please continue to share inputs.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    So, what E3 staff told you?

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    stdule Guest
    e3 don't work, only PROGSKEET v 1.1.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I would have to say that the e3 should be able to read the nor chip inside of it. However you will have to do some editing of a new flash. With a little bit of luck you could get it to work. I think that the progskeet would give you more of what you are thinking of doing. Plus the progskeet can be used on more then one ps3 and the e3 can only be used on just one. There are people out there that have them and would be willing to help. Thanks.

    One more thing. How far did you get into downgrading it.

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    gmrhollic Guest
    E3 said if I have a backup of NOR I should be able to Reflash, wait why didn't I think of that!! because I don't have a backup.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Have you tried recovering your PS3 using the LV2Diag files and the 3.56 PUP on a flash drive?

    Only problem is you're more than likely gonna be stuck in service mode IF you can recover it. Hardware programmers such as Infectus or Progskeet are the most reliable in my opinion. I don't trust many things made by the chinese (sorry!)

    If you're really stuck I could unbrick your console for you? Check out the Marketplace section for my Unbricking topic.

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