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    PS3 3.55 spoofed to cfw 3.70 help?

    Hello guys, iv'e been searching very long for this problem, i got a flasher installed and succesfully downgraded to rogero 3.55 spoofed to 3.70 but now guys i can't sign in to PlayStation network.

    Can someone help me or give me a guide on how to get online? So how do i go from 3.55 spoofed to 3.70 (rogero) to 3.55 without any spoofs? thanks

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    Fist of all, latest FW is 4.46 not 3.70 so you cant go online with 3.70. I advise you to disable the spoof and install any 4.46 cfw. I use rebug and everything runs perfect. So yeah good luck.

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    Do you mean rogero 3.55 v3.7 ? it spoof to 4.25. to play online you must be in latest CFW/OFW. if you want to CFW just update it to 4.46 CFW.

    then you can play online then

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