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Thread: PS3 3.55 Firmware JailBreak or Downgrade?

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    phazer11 Guest

    PS3 3.55 Firmware JailBreak or Downgrade?

    Um so here's the deal um someone came over to my house and decided they'd upgrade my PS3 fat system firmware without permission so they could play online. Only problem is I had a pre-firmware version 3.21 firmware installed and now that he's installed firmware version 3.55 my "Other OS" option is effed up. Does anyone have any ideas? Any Custom Firmware that allows other OS (it'd also be cool to add other OS to my firmware 3.55 Slim PS3 )?

    Any way to re-flash it to factory? Anything I'm desperate. I don't care which PS3 has the Other-OS feature on it I just need one to have it the slim or the fat.

    I'm currently trying to see if I can do anything by jailbreaking another friends PS3 slim with firmware 3.01 on it using my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition but it's currently been going for an hour just saying Working... anyways I really need other OS support anyone have any ideas?

    Also how does the system determine whether you are a registered user or a newbie through the replies you've made? or is it a mod that does that? I can not afford a retail jailbreak at this time or anything like a E3 dongle.

    All help big or small is appreciated thanks for the input.


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    afiser13 Guest
    There is currently no option for 3.55 firmware. you cannot downgrade or jailbreak. the only thing you can do is use it legitimately. "Apparently" x3max has a 3.55 firmware solution that they will be releasing sometime, but i really wouldn't get my hopes up.

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