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    meekle Guest

    ps3 3.55 downgrade help?

    i recently bought a DEMO ps3 with 3.40 loaded on it, i ultimately wanna be able to downgrade to 3.41 then convert my demo to a full retail. but i would rather just convert my 3.55 into a retail instead of downgrading to 3.41 OFW then convert. is there anyway i can skip the downgrade part and go striaght to converting to retail?


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    Natepig Guest
    I think that everything you need is contained in this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...ak-115834.html

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    meekle Guest
    will this work on a 3.55 fw?

    it doesn't say if it works on a 3.55 fw and i was wondering how to get the dongle and what that was (i'm a huge noob)


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