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    sid2003 Guest

    PS3 3.55 CFW spoofing questions help?

    Hey guys, just after some help in the right direction from yourselves. I have flashed psp's and xboxs but new to ps3's and the software needed.

    I have a slim on 3.55ofw and want to play back-ups and go online. I have downloaded rebug 4.41.2 lite I haven't got round to putting it on but I am going to install that. What version of multiman do I need (which is best for what I want) And spoofers, with that hopefully reduce the risk slightly of being detected? Does this already come with rebug.

    Sorry for the questions but I want to make sure I have the correct software and tools.


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    Ps3scener Guest
    You should able to install it just fine. as for what version of multiman i think there is a 4.40 base that is compatible for 4.41 CFW. Also Iris Manager is being constantly updated.

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    sid2003 Guest
    Thanks for that. Do you know which is better? Does this do the same as multiman?

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    Ps3scener Guest
    well multiman is pretty much the go to for a back up manager. multiman copys game directly to your internal hard drive while iris i think does the same but you can use a dummy blu-ray drive to boot and copy games if your drive is broken i also think you can play back ups but not too sure

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    sid2003 Guest
    Ok, I will download multiman 4.40 base. Do you know about spoofing? Is it worth doing or just play online without out it? Anything else you recommend I get/Install?



    Anything? Got these two now. Gonna try and install in a bit. Anything else I should get or be aware of?

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    Ps3scener Guest
    Find a spoof to 4.41 though i don't know why you'd want online when you can just torrent psn and ps3 games. spoofers allow you psn access and they keep you from getting banned so never ever sign into psn on cfw.

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    JeoWay Guest
    After installing Rebug 4.40, use multiMAN Stealth to play games while on PSN without ban. NEVER USE PSN WHILE RUNNING HOMEBREW (OTHER THAN STEALTH VERSION OF MULTIMAN!!!)

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    Azrial Guest
    There's no guarantee you won't get banned, I never played online, only updated my trophies every now and then, and I got banned, it's the risk you take by playing with CFW. Also Rebug 4.41.2 Lite is set to the highest firmware, so you won't need a spoofer.

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