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Thread: PS3 3.55 cfw hdd on new super slim help?

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    Studs Guest

    PS3 3.55 cfw hdd on new super slim help?

    Hey guys. Well my phat 60gb system is deteriorating fast. It's just ylod again for the 4th time and I can't be parsed to fix it again. So my question is. If I purchase the new super slim ps3 without the HDD. Can I just plug my old HDD with kmeaw 3.55 in and away I go. Or will it just simply not work?

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    G Sus Guest
    nope sadly it won't work, as soon as you connect the hardrive up and switch on the system will tell you that the data is corrupt and want to format the drive and reinstall system files.. and it will only set the system up as whatever firmware the new slims are on

    you will be able to use the hd but your kmeaw will be gone, the drive will get formatted completely, no save games etc

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    Studs Guest
    Thought as much. Damn. Might just have to go 2nd hand slim then.

    Cheers dude.

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