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Thread: PS3 3.55 CFW Format help?

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    jaiter Guest

    PS3 3.55 CFW Format help?

    I have a ps3 with 3.55 kmeaw working good until I got the red light of dead. So I fixed it got it back working everything except my disc boot's I made. I did a system restore and a rebuild data base and nothing. Games from the rom don't work and they did before. Was thinking of formatting the hard drive but will I erase the cfw and install of kmeaw. Maybe something else I am not thinking of. Thanks

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    hilongo Guest
    I don't quite understand your problem ... The games that don't work anymore are the ones on your internal disk? ... Do you have games on an external disk? do they work? What Game manager and version are you using?

    I think you can format your HD without losing your CFW .. but wait for somebody else to answer here and confirm

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    jaiter Guest
    The games off the internal hard drive work well never tried them all but they work. The ones I burnt to dvd and blu ray that don't work off disc and they worked before the red light just wondering what to do to get them back running. And I am using Multiman 4.13

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    hilongo Guest
    You have your games burnt on DVD and BRD discs? sincerely I didn't know that you could play games from Discs... I thought you could only play games from internal and external HDs

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    jaiter Guest
    Ya look it up Multiman disc boot I have 34 dual layer dvds and 18 bd-r those are the ones that don't work.

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    hilongo Guest
    Well ... you're quite right ... it is possible

    I was reading about it from deank... Could it be that after you fixed the RSOD you have to re-generate the .pkg with the discBOOT tool that he created? and re-install it to your PS3 according to his instructions:

    1) Drag & Drop to discBOOT.exe the "PS3_GAME" folder of the game you want to play
    2) The tool will create a folder with 3 files:
    - PKG for 3.41
    - PKG for 3.55
    - TXT with instructions
    3) Burn the game to a disc (PS3_GAME folder and PS3_DISC.SFB file from a backup created with multiMAN or another manager)
    4) Insert the burned disc into your PS3 tray
    5) Install the PKG file for your firmware on your PS3
    6) Launch the game from the newly appeared icon

    That's it.

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    jaiter Guest
    Nope did that already. I was playing one of my burnt games while I got the red light of dead and maybe alot of my .pkg have re-generated. All I get are black screen no messages. When I go to multiman the icon is there of the game I want to play but no go. How do I format erase everything and start from new?

    well formatted and restored the hd and ps3 reinstalled all the pkg's and now get error 8001006

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    hilongo Guest
    hmmm... that's bad news!

    error code 80010006 corresponds to: "An error occurred during the start operation (corrupted folding install)" ... obviously something is wrong... but I'm not quite sure of what

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