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Thread: PS3 3.55 cfw to 3.10 help?

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    rick090 Guest

    PS3 3.55 cfw to 3.10 help?

    hi. i'm new to this great forum. i got jailbroken ps3 with cfw 4.50 by habib. i wanted to know if can downgrade to lower than 3.55? 3.10 actually. my goal is to bypass cinavia once and for all on the BD Drive level.

    none of the fixes that have been released works. so i hope it is possible as 3.10 is the last cinavia free firmware.. and if it is possible, can spoof 3.10 to 4.xx? Thanks a lot.

    ps. my base firmware is 2.70.

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    windrider42 Guest
    You could downgrade to 3.10, but there isn't any spoofs or CFW that will work for you on 3.10

    CFW starts at 3.41, then 3.55, then 4.xx

    If you wanted to downgrade to 3.10, you could use Rogero 3.55 downgrader, or rebug 999 downloader to get on 3.55

    Then follow this to get to 3.10:

    I personally see no gain. If you really want to bypass cinavia, then do all the work on your pc first with the Blu ray movies. Then transfer it too ps3.

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    Bunty Guest


    Hi, i am very new to ps3 which i bought recently and it is jailbreaked. i dont know what is jailbreak also after searched it i came to know we can play games for free downloading from internet... so guys please help me how to patch any game and install it in my ps3?

    how to install any ps3 game using USB... these are all my queries please respond.... i am having only one game to play that is GTA 4 which is looking like blurred san andreas game i am bored of this... please give me some information to get entertainment.

    My ps3 details : PS3 FAT 250gb Version 3.70

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    misiozol Guest
    Why not to install rebug 4.46rex it has disabled cinavia by default and u can do much more with it , and there is no need to be on 4.55 as keys has not been changed for ages

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    rick090 Guest
    I think it's disabled on HDD Only. not on the BD Level. i tried every CFW from 4.46 to 4.55 and no gain.

    I burn complete BD-R 1:1 copies.

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    ripplar Guest
    The key is to keep the encryption intact to get blu-rays to play with cinavia. There are programs you can get that will allow you to copy 1:1 with encryption intact. Here's a hint (any).

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