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    Junior Member jojo1000's Avatar
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    Update: Installing Rogero 3.55 CFW v3.7 over Rebug 3.55.4 CFW.

    Shall report shortly.

    Please don't apologise, I also need to learn how to read slower. Btw, if all goes well, I am going to write a BIG HOW-TO .. giving due thanks to all who helped me out My thread would help others too I hope.
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    In fact it was helpful to some other users , I have pointed them to this topic

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    Oh great QA Toggle is DONE !!!! First Shot I got it right!

    Now Misiozol, my last question. What CFW do you recommend that could play ALL the games and more importantly what CFW would be awesome to downgrade / upgrade whatever?

    I currently have Rogero.CEX.4.50.v1.00.CFW.PS3-ROGERO with me but not installed.

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    Well choice is yours , rebug/rogero 4.46 are still sufficient for newest games , there is a now new hybrid CFW allows much more depending on what you need/want worth investigating.

    In my console is rebug 4.46.1 rex it have lots of stuff to tinker with , and rogero is plain and simple

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    I've installed rebug 4.46, all 3.55 games with 3.55 fixes was working 100% perfectly, AFTER you delete all GAME DATA. it'll reinstalling again at the beginning of the game.

    note: if inside 3.55 cfw, you've to play by using BD-mirror & BD inside, do it exactly with CFW 4.xx too

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    BTW no need to delete game data waste of time because no need for 3.55 fixes just load original eboot plain and simple.
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    All is done. CFW Rebug 4.46 rex has been installed and all is working well. Multiman kicksass!

    Shall report with more news. You guys are the best. Bestest!!!

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