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  1. #11
    jojo1000 Guest
    Last few questions:

    a) Do I need an original game BROM in the drive while doing all this?
    b) Do I need my JB Device that is attached to the PS3?

    Thanks my friend!

  2. #12
    misiozol Guest
    And each time to safe mode u have go manually as it's off by automatic means.

    1. NO god NO that would be disaster as updater would use update from disc
    2. no

  3. #13
    jojo1000 Guest
    Ok Misiozol. I will get back to you with what I have done. I thank you wholeheartedly for your prompt responses, knowledge and technical know-how in this field. You rock brother!

  4. #14
    misiozol Guest
    No problem M8, happy to help

  5. #15
    jojo1000 Guest
    Hi Misiozol,

    You had said: "Download eEID_RKDumper.pkg , install it , then run it console will dump eid key to hdd in dev_hdd0/tmp/ it will be file 48b in size named eid_root_key use file manager like multiman and copy it to external hdd/flashdrive. It's important to do it while on 3.55cfw as it only works on 3.55 and that's it." <-- I have understood this perfectly.

    You had also said this: Dump EID key with eid key dumper it will help decrypt ps3 HDD in case of ps3 death so data can be retrieved, and transfer it to external usb drive in another thread.

    My question is, what would I transfer to external usb drive ? hdd?

  6. #16
    misiozol Guest
    if you have EID key you can decrypt INTERNAL hdd WITH PC and software for it and copy make a dump of any file on this hdd, and retrieve data like saves, games stored in internal hdd and so on, even if console have YLOD, RROD etc. is just plain and simple BRICK and can be used as one you still be able to get all data from internal hdd.

  7. #17
    jojo1000 Guest
    Thank you Misiozol,

    Many people are raving about Rogero 4.46 cfw v1.01 as being the best. Will it be EASY for me to try out Rogero 4.46.1 and Rebug 4.50 or would it involve a LOT of work?

    I basically wish to play games such as Battlefield 4 etc. so I am seeking your advice.

    Thank you!

  8. #18
    misiozol Guest
    Well I would stick for now with 4.46 v1.00 rogero or 4.46.1 rex rebug all games up to date still working, rebug is for more advanced users as it has many options to chose from rogero is plain and simple.

  9. #19
    jojo1000 Guest
    Hi Misiozol,

    I am stuck right at the beginning. The system debug update you had said to keep ON throughout, but where do I find it? I was trying to switch it on now, but I cannot find it. Does it appear AFTER safe mode has been turned on? OR after 3.55 CFW update?

    Do let me know please.

    Thank you!

    Ok update

    Installed 3.41 OFW after Safe mode enabling. Now going to install OFW 3.55 and then CFW 3.55.4

    I shall update shortly

    Thank you!

  10. #20
    misiozol Guest
    navigate to Network settings and press L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, and down on the d-pad.

    go to debug settings and find SYSTEM DEBUG UPDATE simple , BTW don't take this wrong way but try to read whole topic from beginning once again slowly all is there , I know excitement gets to you but just try to stay calm

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