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Thread: PS3 3.41 dongle worth updating to 3.55 JailBreak?

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    00codefinder Guest

    PS3 3.41 dongle worth updating to 3.55 JailBreak?

    Hey everyone,

    I haven't messed around with my PS3 in a month or so, I currently boot through the dongle and I am running firmware 3.41 and play games. Should I upgrade to a newer firmware jailbreak like 3.55, is there a benefit to this besides not having to use the dongle?


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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    many, online play, no messing with eboots, updates etc, etc. need i go on?

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    i've already answered that question.. Open up my profile and search my posts.. You will find the answer... I'm writing this on my phone so won't be able to give the link..! Sorry for that. But i hope i helped..

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