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Thread: PS3 3.41 dev_flash help?

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    Dotz Guest

    PS3 3.41 dev_flash help?

    I have a big problem i bought a demo unit back a few years ago because that was one of the consoles which played ps2 games aswelll as ps3 but then i found about the limitation such as not being able to install demos,thems, and even accesing other stuff with the code and and when its jailbroken.

    So i wondered if someone here could share their 3.41 dev_flash with me from an non demo unit ps3 i would be extremely grateful and might even pay. Hope someone can help me out

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    We should copy it through FTP out and upload it or what you want ?

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    Dotz Guest
    yeah copy it over and upload it for me would be great that way i can replace several files and hope to get few stuff working and i would be forever grateful


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