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    ferrez Guest

    Cool PS3 3.15 vs 2.76? which should I get?

    Hi all

    I'm looking to get a ps3 to install ydl. i have been lucky enough to have he choice between 2 consoles one on firmware 3.15 and the other on 2.76 don't know with which one to go.

    and wonder if i posted this on the right place.

    reply or pm me.

    Be good

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    Apr 2005
    Both will work for PS3 Linux/YDL as it wasn't blocked until 3.21, but in my opinion the earlier the better as you can always update it to newer Firmware... but you can't downgrade to older Firmware.

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    ferrez Guest
    yeah.. that thought crossed my mind that it's not upgradeable in any way (only for now I hope) i think it's worth someone keeping stocks of different ps3 consoles with different firmware for future testing purposes. any opinions?

    thx again

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    Apr 2005
    A few people I know do it... they have several PS3 console and Blu-ray drive revisions collected for just that purpose, including some demo and service mode units too!

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