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    TUHTA Guest

    Thumbs Up PS3 3.15 firmware NAND dumps help?

    Hello everyone i've got a problem with my ps3... it has been bricked (when it boots... just a green light)

    I have no 3.15 NAND DUMPS.. i'm asking you guys to help me... i will really appreciate that!!

    Just your nand dumps... NAND 1 and NAND 2..60gb PS3 PAL.

    Thanks a lot before!


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    Ezio Guest
    You cannot use nand dumps of other consoles on your ps3, because some files of flash are specifics files for evey console. If you bricked your ps3, you have to open it, to use hardware flasher as infectus 1 or 2 or others, dump your nand and from these data you can fix the brick changing what it is corrupt in the flash of your ps3. (probably coreos)

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