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    20gb Guest

    PS3 20gb model ps2 model number

    Hi I'm new here.

    I am thinking of using an alternative to mod chips for the ps2 in my 20gb ps3. I have been thinking of using something like this, http://videogameaction.com/nxp2r-007.html. My question is if anybody knows the serial/model number of the ps2 in the ps3 for the 20gb model for North America. Most seem to be something similar to this, SCPH-50000. Also I was wondering if this is for ps2s only or if it can work for the ps2 within the ps3. If it does not work for the ps3's ps2 then does anybody know how to play imported ps2 games on the 20gb ps3 North American model?


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    Wonderkik Guest
    Sorry but that won't work. Actually, you CAN load swap magic, but you can't swap cds (or dvds) when asked for it. Something to do with the toc refresh I think. That's why the magic slide tool was used back in the ps2 era, to open the disc tray (on fat ps2) without the ps2 knowing it. I am "almost" sure that this slidetool wont work on PS3, but I don't know how the eject function and toc refresh are managed on it.

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