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Thread: PS3 2001A jailbreak help?

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    palumatzu Guest

    PS3 2001A jailbreak help?

    I'm posting this here, because i don't like the techno babble that can be found in the official forums.

    I have a ps2 version 2001A with 4.46 Firmware. Even at age 23, I admit I can be just plain stupid, so assuming my PS3 is jail breakable, how? I don't care about technological aspects, I care about how its done.

    I'm starting with the PSJailbreak Manager pkg, but i have (virtually) no clue on how to use it.

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    misiozol Guest
    If you don't care go and pay someone to do it.

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    metzen Guest
    You need to get your firmware down to 3.55. You will need to get a hardware flasher to downgrade. If you would rather have someone do it for you check out the sticky in the marketplace. Racer offers a stellar service for members.

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