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    acewilli Guest

    Arrow PS3 2.6 firmware turns PS3 into brick

    I currently have a $600 brick or paper weight....whatever you want to call it. A week or so ago the PS3 updated itself to 2.6. It worked fine until the next time I went to play a game and the game wouldn't load. I called Sony and they stated that it wasn't their fault and the only way I can get it fixed is to send it to them for $168. This is horrible. I know that they are losing $50 on every console (hence no price cuts....until a new console comes out) but why would they not provide a fix for this problem?

    I've tried everything. Resetting the diode. Resetting the game settings. Restoring the PS3. Formatting the HD. Repairing corrupt files. The only way that I was able to get it to work at all was when I downloaded a game from PSHome and loaded it. Once it loaded my game loaded. Very odd but the really odd thing is that this worked until I turned off the PS3. The next day it didn't work anymore. I'm to my wits end.

    I've heard you can use Debug Firmware 1.0 to downgrade and then you can upgrade to 2.53 or anything but 2.6 and it fixes the issue. The problem is that 1.0 is no where to be found on the internet. If anyone has a clue of where PS3 Debug Firmware 1.0 can be found please let me know. Thank you!

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    wowboy39 Guest


    hey man costum firmeware for the psp is incribly easy to get, just use a pandora battery and magic memory stick on ur psp and that hacks the internal systems and u have a hacked psp with custom firmware!!

    but with the ps3, i think it may be a little more compilcated but u know there must be somethin out there

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    Scrapy Guest
    so your ps3 works.. just not completely?

    do you have another 2.5" sata hdd you could try out?.. i *think* the problem might be due to the hdd failing.

    awhile back my hdd failed, sometimes i could still get to the menu only to freeze when trying to go into the settings, or other random places... i was even able to play some games but they ran very sluggish.

    after buying a new drive, i have not had a single problem, everything smooth as silk.

    i tried to edit my post but it wouldnt let me because 5mins expired...

    i just wanted to give a little info on what happened when my hdd died,

    most of the time the ps3 would freeze during the startup animation, sometimes it would get to the xmb before freezing.

    every-time the ps3 froze i had to use the recovery menu and select option 3-restore system files, the ps3 would restart telling me the hdd was corrupt and it was fixing it... sometimes the ps3 restarted up to 4 times with this same message before i could get to the xmb.

    a full format did not correct the issue, it froze again the very next time i turned on the ps3.

    each time after restoring the system files i was able to use my ps3, but it was very sluggish, some of the demo's/full games on the hdd wouldn't run at all... disc games worked but still sluggish and freezes every few seconds.

    all those problems went away when i baught a new 320gig hdd.

    my ps3 was only 3-4 months old when the drive died, the drive that died is a......

    TOSIBA - HDD2H05 - MK8052GSX - 80gig - made in philippines

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    xcmir Guest
    You are saying that games wont play but everything else works? thats probably because of a dead ps3 laser, a replacement should do the job.

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    dlbogdan Guest


    It happened to me also. It was the HDD. Replaced it and worked like a charm.

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    sharks Guest
    This thread almost scared me.

    i am also running the latest 2.60 firmware on my PS3 - but only because that's the only way i can get online via the PS3 in the PSN or online gaming.

    i have had absolutely no problems with 2.60 or any previous firmware. My PS3 came preloaded with firmware 2.41 when i bought the new model 80GB last November.

    Important thing to remember: NEVER upgrade your PS3's firmware online directly. Download the new firmware to your computer from Sony's site (check your PS3's region and go to the appropriate Sony region site for the right firmware) and then place in your USB drive (pendrive or whatever external USB storage device) and then use this to update.

    I have read and heard myriads of problems with problems after updating firmware online. Just use a USB drive to update and you should be safe from possible corrupt firmware download during online live updating.

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    acewilli Guest
    Thanks for the replies. I did update via internet. The odd thing is that I can get it to work every so often but it isn't consistent. I don't understand why Sony will not allow you to overwrite the firmware?

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