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Thread: PS3 160 gb modding help?

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    Xtatis90 Guest

    PS3 160 gb modding help?

    Now i've done my share of research, but i do want to clearfy some aspects about modding my ps3, now currently i have my ps3 with ofw 4.31, now in order to use a cfw for example 4.30 i need to downgrade the firmware correct? ... and the only way of doing that is with a flasher? or some such device.... my doubt is, is that the only way to downgrade?

    Well hope i get helpful advise here, though i'm fairly sure i do need an e3 device anyways thank you for your time

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    go4 Guest
    Your are correct. Downgrade with hardware only right now. Also, depending on what the sku model is, there might not be anyway to downgrade at all atm. Check the sku first before buying anything. Another thing, check around online for a possible local or nearby downgrader.

    Having the hardware to do a downgrade is always a great idea (imo), It also helps just in case something gets messed up by accident down the line. But, yea, its only hardware atm. As I said check the SKU also as newer consoles (factory/out of the box w/ 3.56+fw) currently CANNOT be downgraded at all.

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    Xtatis90 Guest
    First thanks for the awnser, secondly, yeah my model is sadly cech 3004 ... which cant be downgraded ... oh well to bad my fatty ps3 died

    Well thanks for the help dude

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