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Thread: PS3 120 GB slim mod help?

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    emireeffect Guest

    Question PS3 120 GB slim mod help?

    I'll keep this short. I have a 120 GB slim that I want to mod. I've been doing my own research on this and came to a conclusion that I need to find a custom firmware that can be used with the 4.3 ofw. My overall objective is to play back up games while maintaining my usage of online-- since all the games I play are majorly focused on Online interactions. If anyone can help me with this I'll be greatly appreciated. I'll keep looking around the web site for anything.

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    unionjac Guest
    Really not an issue to mod your drive its actually the firmware of the xbox if you modify that and go on line you are risking a ban


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    emireeffect Guest
    I'm sorry. I forgot to include that I mean the PS3, not the xbox. Other than a ban, I might not really care if it's the case with a PS3.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    1. If you mod/install CFW and play online it is likely you will get banned !
    2. Your console must be on 3.55 to install a CFW first time ! IF higher you must downgrade via Hardware Flasher
    3 There is no know way to play backups and be onlien always a ban risk !
    4. If you want to play onlie save stay on OFW and original games

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    BlackStallion Guest
    well since i assume you're on the latest firmware anyway.. you are going to need a hardware flasher to bring it back down to 3.55.. i personally own an E3, i've also heard good about progskeet and teensy but i believe those require soldering.

    in addition to this. there is a way to play online as well as mod.

    when you use a flasher you have to have a docking station for the HDD.. and you can get a dual docking station to hold 2 drives. the E3 supports dual boot on a PS3 enabling to use one PS3 for 2 purposes with just flipping a switch. one hard drive for for mods and the other to keep you playing online.

    although i know about the dual boot i have no experience with it. info on the process is a must before you attempt it. hope i helped.

    and yes playing online with a modded system WILL get the console banned.

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