I got off a mate today his old ps2 fat version. Model scph-5001 so that is v9 i think? Anyway it was probably a good 8-9 years ago when we were kids playing that thing and his little brother tripped over the controller cord and killed it.

After years in the shed it's ended up in my hands. It reads blue ps2 disc, ps1 disc and music disc with no problems. It won't read any dvd based media at all. I've cleaned the laser, messed about with the adjustment cogs (two in this model), checked for anything broken etc.

All of this did nothing. It still spins the disc slightly 4-5 times before spinning continuously for a few seconds while making laser squealing and clicking. Before it was dropped it worked perfectly fine. It has a khs-400c laser in it.

Next step I'm thinking of grabbing a cheapo ebay Hong Kong laser and chucking it in it to see if it helps. Any other ideas? I'm mainly a pc gamer but i would like to get this thing going to play some of the old titles i used to enjoy.