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    tranbaoquoc Guest

    Big Grin PS2 Tales Of Abyss MESSAGE.DAT help?

    Hi all! I'm playing Tales Of Abyss, that a good game, gameplay, story, ... So I want to do something to my game! I want to translate that game to my language, to share for everybody can understand that game clearly. But I am newbie, I found Message.DAT , i think that file have dialogue in game, but I can edit it, and I founded:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Can you help me extract and rebuild Message.dat! Thanks for any help!

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    ripplar Guest
    I think there is a ps2 dat file extractor. I forget the program name. I could look it up or do a search for it. But it should allow you to extract the files inside of the dat file the edit them and rebuild the file. I have not messed with ps2 files for a few years. Sorry I can't be any more help to you.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It's not like every .dat file is the same search for PS2 Tales Of Abyss MESSAGE.DAT extractor and if you won't find any, PM me, I'll help, seems like this type of hacking is my profile

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