I've looked all over for something about this with no avail, so if any of you pros could shed some lights at me, it would be great

The thing is, I'm playing FFX on my PS3 and I was stupid enough to kick Tidus out of my Blitz Team and overwrite the save... so I extracted the saved game from my PS3 Virtual Memory Card, edited the game using FFXED and when I started looking for ways to copy it back to the PS3 in PSV format I noticed it was pretty much impossible, so I started looking around other possibilities, most of them always involve AR MAX or something like that, which I don't have

I extracted a PS2 Save Game from my PS3 and edited it and now I want to move it back to my PS3.

I have the following:

- PS3 60 Gb 3.50 (Not JB)
- PS2 PAL (No Modchips or anything)
- PS3 Memory Card Adaptor
- PenDisk 1 Gb(If needed to copy anything thru USB)
- SwapMagic PAL Version 3.6 (Compact Disc if it matters)
- Original PSX/PS2 Games (I've read to use them so I'm just specifying)
- Tons of CD-R to burn

Do I have any chance to do this with my current hardware? I don't really want to buy more stuff that I'll probably only use once or twice.

I know that some people convert them, but if it is possible, I'd like to do it myself so if I do anything stupid again I don't need to 'beg' someone to convert a file again, of course that if it is impossible with the hardware that I have, could you guys tell me who wouldn't mind doing this?

Thanks a lot

*to the admin that moved it*

I apologize for putting it in the wrong section, but I believed it was more of a PS2 problem my problem is moving them from my PC to my PS2 Memory Card, after the save is in the PS2 MC I can easily use the MC Adapter to move them to the PS3, I apologize if I was misleading

Solved it with Free MC Boot and uLaunchElf

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