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    PS3 Directions Buttons [UnAnswered] PS2-PS3 gamesaves transfer

    Hi people. I am working on a procedure (and possibliy) a tool to transfer PSOne&PS2 gamesaves to a PS3 without the MC adaptor. I haven't got it and I need some info to proceed. Is there anyone who can help?

    I need the following information:
    1 - the directory structure of the PS2 Memory Card
    2 - is this adaptor working on a std Windows? (if so take a screen of the dir structure)
    3 - gamesaves are copied in the PS3 HDD via the PS2 MemoryCard applet?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yea we REALLY need a software convertor for these saves.

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    I also wana add, any way to bypass those copy protected saves. i want to tansfer my Monster Hunter saves on to my PS3

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    Slow down. First I have to understand how the files are stored in the PSV

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    psv file has a signature check at the very beginning, something like checksum, if we don't know what method it is, there are no way to convert the ps2 save to ps3 without using the adaptor. i had try to modify 1 single bit in the psv file, when copying back to the ps3, it said the save is disrupted.

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    Here is everything you need on the directory structure of the PS2 memory card.

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    Converting PS2 saves to work on PS3?

    Hey I was wondering if it's possible to convert PS2 saves to work on the PS3 and then put them on a memory stick to transfer them over to the PS3?

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    not yet currently you can only do ps3 to ps2

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    you can buy an adapter that lets you copy your PS2 saves onto the PS3, which would solve your problem if i understand the question right (as in, you want to continue playing FFXII on your PS3 but want to use the savegame from when you played it on your PS2).

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