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    [UnAnswered] PS2 to PS3 Controller Adapter

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    Well, I'm finally a proud owner of a PS3 and I am lovin' it!

    But I have a question regarding the PS2 to USB adapter. I have the following blue see-through adapter, like so:

    Edited: Pic removed- ATTACH pics, NEVER link to them externally! -Staff

    From what I've been reading, this adapter should be working. But is this the case for pre 1.7 bioses? I have tried countless times with my 1.31 bios, but none of the buttons work. I would like to avoid updating unless I really have to.

    Thanks in advance!

    Anyways, if anyone is interested. When the above adapter is plugged into my computer, it is known as a "Dual USB Force Feedback Joypad (MP-8866)".
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    i got a similar problem as well mate. my buttons dont work but the triggers do. and when using the analogue sticks they are reversed ie push up or down on analogue the guy on screen will move left or right on screen. dont know what the problem is. im on 1.5

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    Heard alot of good things about the Elecom USB-PS2 adapter working with a variety of Joysticks/Misc Controllers made for PS2, being able to function as intended on the PS3. I bought a couple of the Radio Shack ones, and while the PS2 pads work flawless with the games I've tried so far, I couldn't get my other Hori Joysticks or Pelican sticks to work with it.

    So I'm thinking these Elecom adapters are the way to go.


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