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    [UnAnswered] PS2 Games saves on PS3

    Hi all,

    I am anxiously waiting for my PS3 to arrive (UK) and wondered, is it possible to use the PS2 memory card exploit on my PS2 to copy game saves onto my PS3 :??

    I have one of my PS2 memory cards set up with the said exploit, and I can run an FTP server from this, so I can see the contents of the card. Or should I just get hold of the Official Sony peripheral for doing this? (reason for asking is I am not sure if this is on the release line up for the UK)

    Thanx in advance.

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    good thought, me and my bro tried it for sure, it wont work.

    sony got smart this time, and used the protection from the slim ps2, so nah it wont work

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