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    prnoct90 Guest

    PS2 Games Region Free on PS3 help?

    If I get a PS3 (20gb BC), if I hack it will I be able to make it region free for PS2 games?

  2. #2
    matt101 Guest
    The games are region free not the console, so the US copy of Sacred 2 will work on a PAL PS3 as will nearly every PS3 game from anywhere in the world.

  3. #3
    prnoct90 Guest
    I know that, but I am talking about PS2 games, which are region locked.

  4. #4
    Liongooder Guest
    Unless the system is modified, or they make a new tool or a new mod, i guess you can't play them because of the region locked obstacle.

  5. #5
    prnoct90 Guest
    Well how could I "modify" my console in this way?

  6. #6
    xpa12 Guest
    Debug consoles are natively region free for any games, so the cex2dex conversion would allow you to play any region ps2 games.

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