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    [UnAnswered] PS2 games never full screen

    Heres the deal. I have a 720p Plasma monitor hooked up to my PS3 via a HDMI cable. All PS3 games, the playstation store, XMB screen and everything else display fine. My problem is when I play any PS2 game it doesn't show quite fullscreen.

    I've cycled through all the TV's screen sizes and in doing so I noticed that the PS3 is putting a small black border around the games display, causeing the problem. (Its noticeable because my TV in 4x3 mode displays gray bars, so the black must be coming from the PS3). I'm on FW 1.54, but I haven't seen any release notes addressing this issue.

    Any ideas on what I can do or anyone with similar problems?

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    The output format of the PS2 games do not support HD.. But I have a disc I bought and a component cable to convert my out put to hd on my ps2, I could imagine it would work on PS3.

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    I think it's your TV, not the PS3. Mine displays PS2 game perfectly on my Samsung HLS-5086W 720p set. Both 480i and 480p games.

    When you plug in your PS2 to your plasma, does it display correctly? If it does, I would say playing it on your PS2 is your best bet. (although this would surprise me). If it doesn't, then it's your TV not being able to display 480 SDTV properly.

    What brand is your plasma? Is it a genuine Magnetbox? Or Panaphonics? Sorny?

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    I have the same problem with my AKAI LCT3785TA. It supports 480p, 720p and 1080i.

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    Same thing happens to me with my Olevia 337H LCD HDTV, which supports up to 1080i. I am currently using firmware version 1.50 on a US console if that matters.

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    I haven't had any problems with my 3 year old RCA D52W15B in 480p for PS2 games and 1080i for PS3. I have played Socom 3 and Combined Assualt, Simpsons Hit 'n'Run, God of War 2, SSX3, We love Katamari and all have filled the screen. It's gotta be your TV.

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    My Samsung HP-S4253 does not fill in about 3/4 of an inch of the sides of the screen when I play on either PS2 or PS3 with a PS2 game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louie78 View Post
    on my samsung its stretched out but its not going to be hd no matter what with ps3 games.... Ps2 games doest have HD format on it... You can have all the HD equipment in the world, but if the source (disc, video, blah blah blah) isnt HD format, then it isnt HD.... its a stretched out pic on an HD tv, thats it.

    Edit: I meant "hd no matter what with PS2 games...."
    You're totally right. Unless it's a game like Resident Evil 4 or GTA: Vice City which supports higher resolutions you're never going to get a true widescreen mode.

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    this monitor has probs 1:1 pixel map over hdmi to dvi, but its fine over component

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