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Thread: Ps2 game mounts in Multiman but boots original disc?

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    chillidawg Guest

    Ps2 game mounts in Multiman but boots original disc?

    Whenever I mount my PS2 game, Multiman says it has mounted successfully but when I run the disc icon, it just boots my original disc.

    Any ideas? I'm following this guide:

    1) Reboot your PS3 in JB mode
    2) Put original PS3 disc
    3) Launch multiMAN and mount your PS2 game backup
    4) Replace the PS3 disc with original PS2 disc
    5) PS2 disc icon should appear in GAMES column. Try to launch it.

    I have NTSC US 60GB 3.41 machine and both original and dumped ps2 games are NTSC US.

    Should I try to run other games?

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    JedTanner Guest
    That will only work for PS3 consoles that have backward compatibility with PS2 games. These were the first few models manufactured during its debut (see models below).

    60 GB CECHAxx NTSC
    60 GB CECHCxx PAL
    • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
    • Flash memory card readers
    • 4 USB 2.0 ports
    • Partially software-based PS2 emulation
    • SACD playback
    • Linux support[a]
    • Sixaxis controller

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    barrybarryk Guest
    No, It doesn't work period, MultiMAN does not support loading PS2 backups. It was only included to test.

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