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Thread: PS2 Controller to PS3 Adapter help?

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    danysan2002 Guest

    Question PS2 Controller to PS3 Adapter help?

    Hello guys! I want to buy one of those, to play FIFA 11 and other games with friends, because 1 new DS3 controller is really expensive... I want to know if anyone have something like this and if there are diferences (aside from no accelometer and vibrations I think). I mean, I can play fifa 11 with a friend whit this adaptor and a normal ps2 controller? Thx!

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    JedTanner Guest
    Based from writeups on the web and from experiences of friends, not all games will work using this method even with converters. For one, you won't have a PS button. You'll most likely have to switch off your console to exit a game. If that's ok with you, I don't see any reason why you can't go for it.

    Here's one of the tips (taken from Thomas96 of

    "I found a trick that will allow you to play a ps3 game w/ the ps2 controller. I used a Radioshack ps2 to usb adapter, and plugged it into the system, slot 1, then I assigned the ps3 controller to slot one via wireless. So what happens is that the ps2 controller becomes like an extention to the ps3 controller, which allowed me to play some of marval ultimate alliance w/ the ps2 controller. Also, I had to turn the analog function off, as the character kept rolling (when using the ps2 pad) I couldn't get this type of system to work when using a ps2 game unfortunately; I was looking for a way to connect the guitar hero controller to work with the ps3. Later on today I'll be trying it with the actual guitar hero game and see what I actually come up with."

    Here's the device you can check out:

    Note that Sony has made some changes to later firmwares (don't remember which) which restricts/limits third party usb devices from working. Be sure to check on this as well before pushing through with your plan.

    Do let us know how things go; I have tons of PS2 controllers lying around which I don't mind reusing on the PS3 myself.

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    demondor Guest
    I'm on FW3.41 and I'm using a PS2 adapter to use my PS2 controller with my PS3. The PS3 is usually able to detect the PS2 controller and auto-assign a number to it. I use the wireless and wired controller at the same time so I don't think there's anything special to be done when connecting. I think as mentioned by the user above, latter firmwares have had third-party hardware support limited.

    BTW I've used it to play FIFA '11

    Also, the adapter I used was a PS2 to PC adapter so I don't think it makes a difference as to what adapter you use. Mine looks a lot like the second link you posted albeit a much longer cable.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest


    I have been using one to play Smackdown with 5 players. You have to note that in some games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, the PS2 remote works, but is very slow. No problem with games like FIFA 11, etc.

    Also my PS3 detects the PS2 controller as 2 Controllers() and is very frustarting when I want to play with 7 players 'cos I cannot get the max amount.

    You'd be better off with a PS3 Controller if you regularly play 2 players. Occasional gaming should be fine with the PS2 one.

    Hope this helps

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    ninjanutta Guest
    just buy a DS3, they are far better than ds2, you can pick them up for around 15-20 pounds in second hand shops.. Not worth the hassle if you ask me.

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