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Thread: PS2 Classics Not Working on PS3 help?

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    6R6SHLY Guest

    PS2 Classics Not Working on PS3 help?

    Hi everyone.

    i have problem with Ps2 Classic games ... when i start the game , nothing displays on TV like i removed the HDMI (also i tried the AV cable) , and my controller disconnected and when i press power button for 3s , he is return to XMB.

    i tried (Rebug d-rex 4.46 CFW) and (ps3ita 4.55 CFW) and (ps3ita 4.50 Cobra CFW) didn't work with any of them and Ps1 games work fine with me !!

    and this problem not only with converted Ps2 Iso, also with the original Games from PSN Store.. what is the problem please help me?

    i have PS3 FAT: CECHL04 and i really sorry for my bad english guys.

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    6R6SHLY Guest
    help me please

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    metzen Guest
    Hello and welcome to the forum. Sadly this model ps3 cannot play ps2 games. You would need a model that is compatible to play PS2. Very sorry to let you know.

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    misiozol Guest
    Pls do note NOT ALL GAMES are supported via ps2 classics , have u properly converted game let's say with multiman ?

    Metzen all PS3 with CFW are compatible with ps2 classics and can play ps2 games those days but not all are properly supported/converted

    You had reply all ready:

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    6R6SHLY Guest
    but before i jailbroken my ps3 i play GTA Sa fine !!

    What is the solution ?

    yes but its closed before i reply that tutorial not help me

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    misiozol Guest
    Have you used ReActPSN with aa new as new user ?

    1- Copy the provided "exdata" directory to a external USB Storage Device (FAT32).
    2- Install the provided "PS2 Classic Placeholder PKG" to your PS3.
    3- You will now have a new icon on the XMB, but it is not activated, and of course doesn't have the PS2 game ISO yet.
    4- Install the provided "reActPSN PKG" to your PS3.
    5- Create a new user on your PS3 called "aa".
    6- Log in to the new user account and run "reActPSN"
    7- It will restart you PS3 and you can now log back in to your regular user account.

    use multiman to create ps2 classics , just start multiman insert ps2 game ,go to retro create iso, and then from iso create ps2 classic with multiman no need for anything else.

    all is in the page use link ps2_to_ps2classic_tools_v2.rar (15mb) one.

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    6R6SHLY Guest
    i did all of this before ... but still not working

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    misiozol Guest
    Then either you are doing something wrong or your ps2 game is not supported with ps2 classics , best choice would be buying ps2 console for this game as they go for peanuts those days.

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    6R6SHLY Guest
    i download GTA sa & Bully from psn store (PSN Stuff i mean)

    no one of them work

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    misiozol Guest
    That is sad but have nothing to do with PS2classics sort of speak as they have not been converted by you, only thing can you try is delete game and re download it from PSN as if you have bought it it should be in your downloads free of charge.

    you can try to contact $ony in this regard but i do really doubt that they will want to help you science you are on CFW. You can try as well buy this game on PS2 disc from some auction service and then convert it to ps2 classics by yourself.

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