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    PS2 Classics Not Working on PS3 help?

    Hi everyone.

    i have problem with Ps2 Classic games ... when i start the game , nothing displays on TV like i removed the HDMI (also i tried the AV cable) , and my controller disconnected and when i press power button for 3s , he is return to XMB.

    i tried (Rebug rex 4.46 CFW) and (ps3ita 4.55 CFW) and (ps3ita 4.50 Cobra CFW) didn't work with any of them and Ps1 games work fine with me !!

    what is the problem please help me

    and i really sorry for my bad english guys.

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    Sep 2010
    what console do you have ? not all games will work with ps2 classics. have you converted properly game and installed place holder and klicense ?

    Use this tutorial it works like a charm: Convert any PS2 ISO to PS2 Classic Guide

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    I use the cobra cfw with my slim ps3 and do not have any problems with ps2 games. All you do is create a ps2 iso install it hdd/ps2iso select it in mm and play.

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