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Thread: PS2 Classic No Signal Issue help?

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    niwakun Guest

    PS2 Classic No Signal Issue help?

    So yeah, been working for it since forever and none of the PS2 PSN games work (the store games and the custom made ones) all of them stuck at No signal in my TV (Blue Screen in some TV). So here's what I done so far:

    1. Tried PS2 games over Cobra 3.55, yep they worked just fine
    2. Upgraded to 4.21.2 or even 4.30.2 REX, PS2 PSN Classics Just dont give me anything
    3. Tried PS2 US and EUR or JAP region games, none of them worked
    4. Weird thing is, it works on PS2 Discs it self, not the PSN purchased ones.
    5. Checked the PS2 Placeholder and other PS2 game as place holder, they just give me No signal
    6. Havent tried restore/format hdd yet, not until im sure that the problem is not on elsewhere
    7. It seems the Placeholder is properly activated, checked it on its activation status
    8. Tried many combinations on REBUG toolbox, Nomal or REBUG and whatsot, none of them worked
    9. Tried Rogero 4.41/4.30, still no signal on PS2 Classics

    So what now? Any suggestions? I'm not going to touch any reated dev_flash2 yet since it may affect my save files for good. Loosing Trophys are fine, but not the saves.

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    windrider42 Guest
    I really don't know what too suggest. Maybe if I knew exactly which PS2 classics don't work for you

    Did you install the rap file with Reactpsn? I did this once to begin with and have no issues with PSN PS2 classics or my own made pkgs.

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    niwakun Guest
    yep, i'm sure that i properly activated the official ps2 classics games or the placeholder

    the weird thing is even the legit users are having the same issues as I read from sony's forum board, although none of them had a working solution, the only thing left for me to do is restore the ps3 and be ready to lost all my saves.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    niwakun you can back up your saves first using a file manager before restoring your ps3.

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    niwakun Guest
    ok done my PS3 restore now and PS2 Classics now works. Damn it, I had a nightmare resigning all my save files manually 1 by 1.

    anyway thanks to those who replied on my problem.

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