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    [UnAnswered] ps1 on ps3 game (error)


    in the first time : sorry for my bad english (i'm french :??)

    So, i've download Crash bandicoot (DATA + LICENCE)

    and i don't know how to setup it (I use the F@H metode)

    how can i doing plz ?
    thx a lot

    and sorry for my bad english

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    May 2007
    you have to buy it. backups are not working!

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    okok but some game from PSS work
    i've test with sudoku and work fine

    thx for your help

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    When I install it via the "folding home" method it installs, however in the games area it is installed as "corrupt data". So am not sure what is happening there, maybe the original link to crash has some how got messed up, or maybe there is a particular method installing it, not sure.

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    I don't think there is a way yet to install ps1 games from the store yet unless you buy them.
    There should be a topic about this (i believe the storelink topic).

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